Revitalize with Targeted Injections

A precise approach to wellness and vitality.

Injections offer a direct route to enhancing your well-being, focusing on delivering essential nutrients and vitamins straight into your system. This method ensures maximum absorption, providing quicker and more effective results than oral supplements. Ideal for boosting energy, improving immune function, and aiding recovery, these targeted treatments are tailored to your unique health needs, promoting overall vitality and wellness in a way that's perfectly aligned with your body's natural rhythms.


Are you looking for the IM or SubQ Injections? We have options for you. We offer B-12, Vitamin D, Biotin and MICC. Covering you for Energy, Immunity, Beauty and Weight-loss assist.

Audra Leigh Kopp


Arginine injection

This quick injection of an amino acid enhance muscle and tissue repair, improves circulation and helps muscles relax. 

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B-12 Injection

Looking for a quick injection for energy and mental clarity? B-12 clears up brain fog, improves focus and provides energy. Give it a shot, try yours today.

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Biotin Injection

That's right, Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin in the injection form. Biotin aids in healthy support for hair, skin and nails plus reduces inflammation. It's a perfect way to enhance the glow you work hard to achieve.

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Carnitine Injection

This quick injection of an amino acid enhance performance and energy plus supports weight loss by converting fat into energy.

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MICC Injection

Looking for a quick injection to add onto your weight loss regimen? MICC burns fat, boost metabolism and aids in weight loss alongside your diet and exercise regimen. 

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Vitamin D3 Injection

The Sunshine Vitamin injection. Vitamin D3 is important for healthy immunity and mental health. Book your injection today to support your health goals. 

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